Board Games I own

1776Avalon Hill1975American Revolution
Advanced Third ReichAvalon Hill1992WW II Grand Strategic Europe
Air WarTSR/SPI1984Modern Tactical Air Combat
AngriffZ & M Enterprises1978WW II Miniatures
The Arab-Israeli WarsAvalon Hill1977Tactical Tank Battles in the Mideast, 1956-73
Azhanti High LightningGDW1980Traveller: Tactical Combat inside an Imperial Starship
Alpha OmegaBattleline Publications1977Tactical Combat in Space
The Battle of the BulgeAvalon Hill1965
Battle RiderGDW1994Traveller: TNE Tactical Fleet Combat
Breakout: NormandyAvalon Hill1993WW II Normandy Invasion
Car WarsSteve Jackson Games1981
Central CommandSPI/TSR1984U.S. vs. Soviet Union in Iran
De Bellis AntiquitatisWargames Research Group1995Ancient and Medieval Miniatures Rules
Dragon Magazine / Tom Wham: Planet Busters, File 13, King of the Tabletop, Elefant HuntTSR1982, 1983, 1983, 1984
Dragon Magazine / other: Flight of the Boodles, Monsters of the Midway, Arrakhar's Wand, The Baton Races of YazTSR1982, 1982, 1983, 1984
DreadnoughtSPI1975Surface Combat in the Battleship Era, 1906-45
Fifth CorpsSPI1980NATO vs. Warsaw Pact in Germany
FirefightSPI1976Modern U.S. and Soviet Small Unit Tactics
HarpoonGDW1987Modern Naval
Helltank; Helltank DestroyerMetagaming1981, 1982Future Tactical Armor
Holy WarMetagaming1979Strategic Space
IlluminatiSteve Jackson Games1982
ImperiumGDW1977Space Empires
JutlandAvalon Hill1967Tactical WW I Battleships
Laser TankJudges Guild1980Tactical Armor Miniatures (for Traveller)
Little Wars by H.G. WellsDa Capo Press1913, 1977Miniatures Rules
MaydayGDW1978Traveller Tactical Space Combat
Napoleon at WaterlooSPI1971
NATO: The Next War in EuropeVictory Games1983
NordkappSPI/TSR1983NATO vs. Warsaw Pact in Norway
Ogre; G.E.V.; ShockwaveMetagaming / Steve Jackson Games1977, 1978, 1984Future Tactical Armor
Panzer BlitzAvalon Hill1970Tactical Armored Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-45
Panzer LeaderAvalon Hill1974Tactical Armored Warfare on the Western Front 1944-45
Rail BaronAvalon Hill1977
The Russian CampaignAvalon Hill1977WW II Eastern Front
The Settlers of CatanMayfair Games1997
SicilySPI1981WW II in Sicily
SnapshotGDW1979Traveller: Tactical combat aboard starships
SoldiersSPI1972Tactical Combat in 1914-15
Squad Leader, Cross of IronAvalon Hill1977, 1978WW II Infantry
Stalin's TanksMetagaming1980Tactical Armor Eastern Front
Star CommandClavius Publications1976Tactical Space Miniatures
Star CruiserGDW1987Traveller:2300 Tactical Space Combat
Star Fleet BattlesTask Force Games1979Star Trek
Star VikingDwarfstar Games/Heritage1981
StarForce 'Alpha Centauri'SPI1974
Starship TroopersAvalon Hill1976From Robert Heinlein's novel
Stellar ConquestMetagaming1979
StrikerGDW1981Traveller Tactical Miniatures
Striker IIGDW1994Traveller:TNE Tactical Miniatures
TacforceGDW/GHQ1980Modern Tactical Miniatures (U.S. vs. U.S.S.R.)
Tactics IIAvalon Hill1961, 1973
Third ReichAvalon Hill1974WW II Grand Strategic Europe
The Third World War: Battle for GermanyGDW1983
TitanAvalon Hill1982
TobrukAvalon Hill1975Tactical Tank Battles in North Africa: 1942
Totaler KriegDecision Games1999WW II in Europe
The Traders of GenoaRio Grande Games2000
TrailblazerMetagaming1981Space Trading
Twilight ImperiumFantasy Flight Games2004Space Empires
U.S.N.SPI1971The War in the Pacific, 1941-43
Victory in the WestGMT Games1993The French Campaign 1940
War Games Rules: Armor and Infantry: 1925-1950War Games Research Group1973Miniatures Rules
The War of the RingSPI1977Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
War of the RingFantasy Flight Games2004Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Warp WarMetagaming1977Strategic Space
Winter WarSPI1972Russo-Finnish Conflict 1939-40
Wooden Ships & Iron MenAvalon Hill1975Tactical Age of Sail